Sterrewacht Leiden Law Conference
Sterrewacht Leiden Law Conference

Leids Juridisch PAO organizes around 200 courses each year, focusing on the legal profession, notarial profession, sitting and standing magistracy, and corporate and government lawyers. Every year we welcome more than 2,500 students. The courses are taught by a mix of our Leiden top scientists and renowned specialists from the field.

Lawyers can no longer do without retraining, it is "lifelong learning". Postgraduate education at the Leiden Law Faculty offers you, as a legal professional, the opportunity to choose from a wide range of high-quality courses, provided by top teachers from science and practice.

Our training offer is characterized by a wide range of short (refresher) courses in almost all jurisdictions - often at 'peak hours', as well as various specialization programs (half-year courses with a final exam). The focus is on blended forms of education, which means that traditional 'live' contact education is supported with digital teaching methods in the digital learning environment.

The ability to 'escape' from the busy office in an inspiring learning environment at Leiden University, such as the Leiden Observatory or the Academy Building, will ensure that participants like to come to Leiden. Participants also appreciate the networking moments with participants and our Leiden scientists and guest lecturers.

Solid relationship with alumni & educational award Legal PAO
Approximately 250-325 alumni visit the unique old Leiden Observatory at the 'Leiden revisited', choosing one of the 8 sessions of almost all the major areas of law that the faculty represents. This way, the relationship with our alumni and our faculty is strongly emphasized.
As an alumnus of Leiden University you also receive a 10% discount on the course offer. Please clearly state when you register that you are an alumnus. This discount is not transferable at replacement.

Legal PAO Leiden is located in the Sterrewacht. The Leiden Observatory is the oldest existing university observatory in the world.
After a major restoration in 2011, the Sterrewacht was restored to the state before 1924. Since 1633, Leiden University has used the various spaces for teaching students. Nowadays the renewed zinc domes shine in the sunlight again. Students Astronomy follow their practical training here.