• Start date:
  • 9 June 2023
  • Duration:
  • 1 day
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About the conference
Join us for a one-day conference, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Common Market Law Review by exploring the legal dynamics of what it means to be a Member State of the European Union.

Being a Member State is binary: either you are or you aren’t. But Membership isn’t just about  joining or leaving, but needs to be viewed within its broader constitutional perspective. What are the core values of Membership, and how important is it for these to be shared by all Member States? Who decides what those values mean in concrete situations? The Court of Justice increasingly insists that the Union’s founding values are not merely aspirational, but create defined and enforceable obligations for the Member States. At the same time, the latter continue to test the legal nature and implications of the Union’s own duty under the Treaties to respect national constitutional identity and the limits of conferred competence. Those forces engage into their most tense interactions when it comes to the problem of “rogue countries” who argue that respect for their “national identity” should take priority over their adherence to the Union’s core values, leaving the other Member States as well as the Union institutions to ponder how best to manage the threats that illiberal and indeed undemocratic regimes pose to the principle and practice of membership. 

Circumstances also affect the significance of Membership. How have changes in the Union’s institutional balance impacted upon the Member States as such? And how are citizens affected by and involved in the dynamics of membership? What happens when a Member State leaves the Union?

Our discussion of membership also needs to look outside the bounded legal world of the Union and even beyond the structured relations of our European neighbourhood. How does our understanding of Membership engage with the Union’s place in the wider international order?

Conference speakers
Prof. Christophe Hillion, Professor Department of Public International Law, University of Oslo
Dr Vestert Borger, Assistant Professor Europa Institute, Leiden University
Dr Ruth Weber, Postdoctoral Researcher, DynamInt Humboldt University of Berlin
Prof. Paul Dermine, Professor Centre for European Law, Université libre de Bruxelles
Prof. Sara Iglesias Sanchez, Professor Administrative Law Department, Universidad Complutense Madrid
Dr Eleni Frantziou, Associate Professor in Public Law & Human Rights, Durham University
Dr Andi Hoxhaj, Lecturer Faculty of Laws, University College London
Prof. Eleanor Spaventa, Professor of EU Law, Director BLEST (Bocconi Lab in EuroStudies), Bocconi University
Dr Maria Haag, Lecturer Tilburg Law School, Tilburg University
Dr Anna W. Ghavanin, Associate Professor of EU Law, Assistant Head of Department, University of Gothenburg
Dr Alessandro Petti, Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Private Law, University of Oslo

Remote attendance
Are you not able to join the conference on location in Leiden? No problem. We will arrange a live connection with the conference location. This way, you will be able to view the conference from an alternative location. 

Do you have any questions?
We will gladly answer them.

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Friday 9 June 2023

09:00 Registration & coffee
09:20 Word of welcome by prof. dr. Stefaan Van den Bogaert  
09:30 Keynote by prof. dr. Christophe Hillion

Session 1 - Core values of EU Membership, national identity and justiciability
Dr Ruth Weber, "Democracy as a value according to Article 2 TEU and national identity of EU Member States”

Dr Vestert Borger, “Solidarity as contract: The European Court of Justice and the Constitutional Bond between the Member States”

Chair: Prof. Ben Smulders

11:05 Coffee & tea break
11:30 Session 2 - Member States and obligations
Prof. Paul Dermine “Governance ‘through funding’ after COVID-19: What impact on EU membership?”

Prof. Sara Iglesias Sanchez, “Membership over Statehood: The Construction of the Constitutional Status of Member States of the European Union by the European Court of Justice”

Dr Eleni Frantziou, “A Union of Rights? The Uneasy Relationship Between Membership and Jurisdiction in Article 51 CFR?”

Chair: Prof. Niamh Nic Shuibhne
12:50 Lunch

Session 3 - Dynamics of Membership
Dr Andi Hoxhaj, “The Western Balkans quest for EU Membership”

Prof. Eleanor Spaventa, “Destructing and Reconstructing relationships: Withdrawal and the Brexit experience”

Chair: Prof. Giorgio Monti

15:20 Coffee & tea break

Session 4 - Transformations
Dr Maria Haag, “How Union citizenship informs (State) membership of the Union”

Dr Anna W. Ghavanini, “Transformation by Application: How National Courts Shape EU Membership”

Dr Alessandro Petti, “EU Membership in a Geopolitical Era”

Chair: Prof. Marise Cremona

17:05 Closing words by Prof. Miroslaw Wyrzykowski
17:20  The Common Market Law at 60 Alison McDonnell will say a few words abotu the Review over the past 30 years
17:20 Celebratory drinks
Dr. Vestert Borger LLM Juridisch PAO Leiden
dr. V. Borger
Paul Dermine Juridisch PAO Leiden
prof. P. Dermine
Eleni Frantziou Juridisch PAO Leiden
dr. E. Frantziou
dr. M.F. Haag
prof. C. Hillion
dr. A. Hoxhaj
Sara Iglesias Sanchez Juridisch PAO Leiden
prof. S. Iglesias Sanchez
Alessandro Petti Juridisch PAO Leiden
dr. A. Petti
E. Spaventa Juridisch PAO Leiden
prof. E. Spaventa
Anna Wallerman Ghavanini Juridisch PAO Leiden
dr. A. W. Ghavanini
dr. R. Weber

Rapenburg 67-73, 2311GJ LEIDEN

The conference will take place in the Telders Auditiorium of the Academiegebouw, Leiden University. 

Attendance to this conference is free of charge.